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Hi, I'm Jara; a multi-hyphenate performing artist, singer, actor & witch who highly values freedom in their work. As a Capricorn I have a rebellious streak and am pretty obsessed and committed to the things I love - Judy Garland, Tarot cards, black high-rise jeans, Topo Chico, to name a few - and most likely will love them forever. I think a lot and I talk a lot (with the right people) and the detective aspect of creativity really excites me so being an actor, co-writer/story consultant and/or director are my favorite areas to work in. I like my art funny, magical and/or weird while I wholeheartedly believe in grounding everything in love & intention (i.e. the movie "Everything, Everywhere All At Once"). As an actor, I love playing complex, unpredictable, intelligent and fun-loving characters on a mission. I wish to create and tell stories with other kind, light-hearted, ambitious professionals who aren't afraid of taking risks and having fun along the way. 

I was born and raised in Iceland by parents who were both in the performing arts so I was immersed in music and theatre from an early age. After a few years of working in Iceland I decided to expand my horizons and move to New York to study musical theatre. It wasn't really the plan to stay in the US but as fate would have it, I met this guy at Circle in The Square Theatre School, we fell in love, got married and the rest is history. Another twist of fate during the pandemic pushed me out of my comfort zone even further and we decided to move to Atlanta, GA where we continue to pursue and hone our craft along with our dog, Remy - he's not in show biz though... yet...

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